Friday Town Meeting

The D.O. Friday Town Meeting takes place every Friday morning from 8:45 to 9:45. It is held in the large T.G.I.F. room. This meeting is organized and facilitated by the D.O. Student Council members.  Each meeting begins with appreciations and apologies. This is a chance for any student or teacher to appreciate or apologize to a member of the D.O. community. Participation in this part of the meeting is unplanned and spontaneous, and often the longest.  Next on the agenda we celebrate birthdays by singing and giving a small birthday gift. Students read the T.G.I.F. menu for that day. We also talk about any upcoming events or schedule changes, like the Talent Show, field trips, the D.O. Dance, etc. Often, we have guest speakers attend and share their knowledge with us during this time.  Some of the speakers have included Middlebury Police Department, Adirondack Rescue and Rehabilitation Project, a magician, Special Olympics, a musician, United Way, the U.S. Peace Corps, and past graduates of the program.  Students in the LCMM/D.O. Boat Building Project often share updates, building techniques, and information on their progress. Each Friday Town Meeting ends with showing program pictures, videos, and/or  projects that have taken place in various classes in the D.O. Program.

For many of us, this is the highlight of the week and a very positive, kind, and supportive way to start the weekend.  Visitors are always welcome to join us for this special time. Hope to see you there!