The D.O. Program has a school-based clinician who works with students on a regular basis, Monday through Friday, 8 AM – Noon. This clinician works closely with the Counseling Service of Addison County, sending schools, community agencies, families and the teaching staff of D.O. to provide maximum support for attending students. Counseling for D.O. students may include morning check-ins, weekly half-hour sessions, crisis management, small support group therapy, case management of community resources, and classroom support.

Girls and Boys Groups

The main objective of the Girls and Boys Groups is to allow each group the time and space to expand  current skills and learn new skills. These include: healthy communication techniques, self-care, coping mechanisms, problem solving, respect for self and others, conflict resolution, role playing, and a better understanding of one another in the context of school and community.

The small groups also allow a safe and confidential place to express  thoughts and feelings. Students are also urged to look at themselves and challenge one another to address difficult  situations and their responses to those situations.