The D.O. science curriculum strongly supports the definition of science being “knowledge gained through experience.” In this science class, students are immersed in hands-on projects that involve the banding of migratory birds.  It entails the yearly construction and operation of a hawk banding station on Snake Mountain where students are responsible for the capture, banding and release of migratory birds of prey.  During the winter months, students return to the classroom to compile and analyze data collected in the field.  Information is added to the nation’s totals and sent to the Hawk Migration Association of North America where it is reported in their journal.  In the process, students complete a field guide that serves as a portfolio for their progress.   Each chapter highlights core concepts regarding raptor biology including identifications, species accounts, ecological importance, banding data, and their written story affectionately known as the “masterpiece.”

VPT’s Outdoor Journal Features D.O. Science Class

February 24, 2015

Hawk Banding with the Rodney Olsen’s Diversified Occupations Science Class

October 29, 2012


“Teaching Kids to Give a Hoot About Owls” aired February 10, 2012 on WCAX

Return of the Elusive Barn Owl
Olsen’s D.O. Science Barn Owl Pellet study
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Vermont Skulls
D.O. Science class processes European mounts for hunters
Addison Independent Newspaper.
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