1. Before the hunter arrives at D.O., they have to cut the head off from the animal’s body.

2. The hunter will talk to skull staff to determine approximately how long it’ll be until the skull is fully processed.

3. All fur will be removed from the skull.

4. Both eye balls  and all of the fat behind them will be removed.  

5. The brain will be picked out.

6. At this point in time, the staff will stick the skull into the flesh-eating, Dermestid Beetles. A regular deer skull takes approximately one week.

We are happy to accommodate a customer who wants a white-bleached skull. The step is to place the cleaned skull in to a five gallon bucket of detergent. After one month the skull is ready to be bleached. A solution of hydrogen peroxide and Basic White is applied to the skull and baked. After 2 hours the skull is complete and ready for pick up at Vermont Field Sports.