Age of Legality

Age of Legality is a class whose name was coined from the late Greg Clark, a history teacher from Mt. Abraham Union High School. Mr. Clark, known to many as Clarky, was impassioned about law. He was a legislator for Vergennes at the Vermont State House of Representatives and he was well respected for his input on laws made for Vermont citizens. With that in mind, students are required to take a civics course. Our course is based on Mr. Clark’s curriculum. It teaches students the basics about laws, how the legal system works and what you need to do if you enter in the legal system. We spend a lot of time on topics that are valuable to students and high interest topics such as hunting laws, driving laws, guardianship, voting rights, and taboo topics such as underage drinking, possession of narcotics, and tobacco use. This class is a fast paced, exciting class that “busts myths and teaches legal facts.”