Work Experience Program


Students in this class are expected to try a variety of jobs in the community over a two- year period (generally, during a student’s final two years in the D.O.). Typically, a student will sample between six and ten different work sites during the first year in Work Experience. This provides an excellent opportunity for the student to learn how to work, as well as to develop strengths and determine job preferences. Enabling the students to work independently to the highest degree is the focus of the training and support in this class. Some of the job areas a student might experience include work in the following areas: retail, restaurant, office, U.S. Forest Service, Middlebury College, and manufacturing. Some community job sites for students in this program include Goodpoint Recycling, Mary Hogan Elementary School Food Services Program, Middlebury Fitness, Eastview Retirement Community, The Dollar Market, Foster Motor’s, Middlebury Union Middle School Food Services Program, Middlebury College Tech Support, Elmer Farm, Middlebury College Ross Dining Services, Homeward Bound, Addison County Human Society, Junebug and many others.

To view work site videos, click on the blue highlighted sites above or click on the links below:

Middlebury College Tech Support
Goodpoint Recycling
 MUMS District Food Services
Elmer Farm
Windfall Orchards
Maple Landmark
 Atwater Dining Hall
Homeward Bound, Addison County Human Society