Current Events

In this class, students spend the year studying local, regional, national, and international news stories. State, national and international geography is stressed as it relates to the importance of the news item. Students are responsible for learning all fifty states, many international countries, major oceans and the seven continents of the world. Students  eighteen years of age or older are strongly encouraged to  register to vote and vote in local elections  as part of the class.

This class takes an exciting four-day educational trip to Washington, D.C. each spring. Students and their families participate in all the fundraising events throughout the year to make this trip possible.  Much of the second semester is spent studying Washington, D.C.’s history, historical and monument sites, governmental workings, politics of D.C., and preparing to meet Vermont’s senators while in Washington, D.C.


Click on these links to view student Animotos (music videos) about different monuments, memorials, and places in Washington, D.C.  

Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial

Southwest Airlines