Soaring to New Heights

Have you ever held an oven bird… a hooded warbler… a gray catbird… and indigo bunting… a sharped-shinned hawk… a ruby-crowned kinglet… in your hand all in the same day?

The seven D.O. students and two teachers who traveled to Braddock Bay Bird Observatory in Rochester, New York have, and over the course of their four-day stay saw at least forty different species of birds.

 Mr. Olsen, Ms. Lynch, Melissa P, Elissa B, Stacy S, Hillary S, Renee OB-OV, Leigah B, and Clifford B left early Monday, May 9 and returned on Thursday 5/12. They spent the mornings observing professionals band song birds; then later in the day joined Dan Dan the Eagle Man at the hawk blind. After the action at BBBO was over each day, the D.O. bird brains went to a Rochester Red Wings baseball game, had a barbeque on the deck of their lake-side house, and relaxed in the hot tub.

Quotes from some of the students who went to Rochester:

Melissa P- “My favorite part of the trip was hanging out with the banders while I was an intern during the week before the other D.O. students arrived.”

Clifford B- “My favorite song bird was the Hooded-Warbler because I have never seen one before.”

Stacy S- “My favorite song bird was the Black-throated Blue Warbler because it looked like a Blue Jay.”

Hillary S- “My favorite part of the trip was the baseball game. I liked their mascots-the guy in the bird suit and the cone head.”

Leigah B- “My favorite part was catching the Sharp-shinned Hawk all by myself at the hawk blind.”

Elissa B- “I liked the food at the baseball game. I had a cheeseburger and blue cotton candy.”

Renee OB-OV- “My favorite bird was a Gray Catbird because we caught a lot of them.”