From D.O. to D.C. – a Trip of a Lifetime

Have you ever been to Washington D.C?  You should go! What a beautiful, exciting and impressive capital we have! Another Current Events Class enjoyed a successful 4 -day, 3-night trip to our nation’s capital, Washington, D.C. 

After many hours of fundraising, yard sales, concession stands and selling raffle tickets, this awesome group raised over $7,000 for this trip! From biking the national mall to see the monuments and meeting Senator Leahy on the Capitol steps, to visiting Arlington National Cemetery and zipping around on the D.C. metro, this trip was full of new and exciting sights every hour.   

After studying D.C., its history, the structure of our government and the sights and personalities,  students finally had the chance to match their knowledge with our nation’s capital. While staying at the National 4-H Conference Center, this group of 11 learned to live, learn and travel together as a family. Public buses and metro trains were the mode of transportation. 

Meeting Senator Patrick Leahy was one of the numerous highlights of this trip. Things learned about our Vermont senator include:

- He’s blind in one eye (born legally blind in one eye)
– Photography is a hobby
– Wrote/produced a photography book and all proceeds benefit children’s libraries
– Loves maple syrup on everything, especially on vanilla ice cream and English muffins
– Wife and family are very important to him
– He treats his staff like family
– He is known to have the longest serving staff members (some have been with him for over 25 yrs. They don’t like to leave)
– His grandson, Patrick, loves the microphone (apple doesn’t fall far from the tree)
– Wife was a nurse (retired now)
– His staff member, Lindsey Cope, our contact was super nice. She is from Shelburne and was very patient and talkative with all of the kids
– Lindsey checked out our DO website and asked if any of our kids in DC were in the Sr. Transition class. She had read all DO students in that class were registered to vote and she was VERY impressed with that fact! Hey DO, you rock!
– Kelly P. and Betsy have become very big fans of Patrick! He called Kelly by name (Carolyn to all her best friends…) and called Betsy, “young lady”… multiple times! She’s still beaming!  

What a trip full of a life time of memories!  Check out our pics below!