Finding Value in the Vomit

The D.O. Science classes are dissecting owl pellets. They are doing this to learn about what the owls in this area eat. They are able to tell what the owls eat based on the bones that they find inside the pellets. When an owl eats a critter it goes down into the owl’s stomach where they can digest everything except for the bones and the fur. The material that can’t be digested is then regurgitated and comes out in the form of a pellet.

 When asked what they liked about dissecting owl pellets, members of the science class answered:

NC- “They’re cool and you can find cool bones.”

SS- “It’s fun!”

ST- “I like to see that the kids are focused and then they use scientific analysis to figure out what they found.”

Others were asked what the most interesting thing they ever found in an owl pellet was, and they said:

RL- “I liked to see the full skull.”

DC- “I think the skull is the most interesting thing I have found.”

DL- “Just meadow voles.” 

RO- “You can find bird bands and Cray fish!”